Printing processes for large-sized packaging

The offset print is used for high quality packaging (sales packaging and advertisement media like displays), less for shipment packaging. Used mainly in the sector of fine- and microflutes (E- and F flutes). Primary it will be used for a middle or high requirement.

EWL-Verpackungen offers large-sized offset prints up to 1.250 x 1.861 mm. Scales- or special colours as well as diverse variations of print enhancement are possible.

The flexographic printing is the mainly used process for packaging. The colors are environmentally compatible and will be mainly be diluted with water.

EWL-packaging offers large-sized flexographic printing up to 1.250 x 2.000 mm. The different formats can be printed with up to 4 colors.


EWL-Verpackungen offers different lamination possibilities:

  • inline-lamination
  • sheet-sheet-lamination
  • roll-sheet-lamination

We can produce corrugated cardboards with a high quality printed surface due to lamination. In this process rolls or single sheets can be used as a carrier. Therefore, a coated paper form a preprinted roll or a staple of single printed sheets will be used as the upper cover.

The sheet-sheet-lamination can be implemented to a format up to 1.650 x 1.650 mm.

Bonded joint

Our folding carton gluing machines offer in contrast to the inline-machine the possibilities of the longwise-, cross-, diagonal- or backwards bond/ folding. 

In addition, there can be set one or more adhesive points or adhesive lines in different places (up to 6-point-bond). Above the standard strap-, 3-, 4- and 6-point-bond, the option of realizing additional glued areas exists. The feasibility has to be clarified in individual cases by the means of your technical documents. 

EWL-Verpackungen has at it's disposal a number of folder gluers with a working width from 1.450 up to 2.300 mm (indent width up to 1.600 mm), on which can be produced diverse packaging sizes from cartons up to BC-flute. Minimalformats and special bondings are to be clarified in individual cases.

In addition there is the possibility to implement display bondings with special machines .

Flatbed die-cutter

The requirements for stamped packaging is constantly increasing.

Inline-machines can only carry out limited punch-outs. EWL-Verpackungen uses three Bobst-flatbed die-cutters for precise cuttings.

The used machines offer formats up to 1.250 x 2.000 mm.