Welcome to EWL-Verpackungen in Peine

You are a business in the packaging industry and realize projects in the area packaging and displays.

EWL-Verpackungen is your strong partner for workload peaks, special requirements for your machinery as well as a high deadline pressure.

We offer you neutral availability, discretion and promptness for the products of your clients.

EWL-packaging – for optimal solutions and customer satisfaction

Resolve capacity bottleneck

Your production line is working to capacity. An important client has an urgent order. The task is now to find an optimal solution. EWL-Verpackungen is your strong partner at capacity bottleneck for a flexible realization in your name.


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Expand technical possibilities

One-time adjustments to the production line are often uneconomically. For the realization of a new order you would need special machines only this one-time. But you would like to satisfy your valued customer. Even for machining width up to 2,6 m is EWL-Verpackungen your strong partner, that converts requests into orders.

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Use neutral availability

EWL-Verpackungen is processing blank cartons and corrugated cardboards as well as with offset- or flexographic printing grafted ones. The offset print sheets can be provided by you or can be bought from us.


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