Die-cut packaging

Die cut packaging are produced from one piece (by stamping it out of on corrugated cardboard sheet) and are delivered flatly. Due to its pre-stamped tab you can build up the product fast and simply. EWL-Verpackungen offers the production of different sizes and for every type of packaging. 

Folding bottom boxes (also available in large size)

Folding bottom boxes with an automatic bottom can be set up with just one movement and receive additional stability.
You can save material for the sealing of the box, due to its already bonded bottom.
Available in different sizes.


Has its name because of its similar appearance to a serving tray.

Special packaging

Can be produced on request.

Set-up boxes

Set-up boxes

Set-up boxes in form of:

  • Telescope boxes
    Two-piece box, consisting of a lid and a bottom. The packaging can be used universally for various products and can be produced in different sizes. 
  • Folded telescope boxes and slipcases
    Folded telescope boxes don’t need to be glued together but offer a system for sealing. Slipcases protect products like books.
  • 4-point set-up boxes or 6-point set-up boxes (with a lid)
    DThe boxes rise up by itself during the opening. The special feature are the adhesive points, that can be chosen from 4 to 6 points. For the 4-point adhesive you can use a slip lid, the 6-point adhesive can be produced with a foldable lid.