Advantages of our products

✔  wide range of services

✔  special manufactures possible

✔  large-sized packaging

✔  longterm experience in the production 


To fulfill all customer wishes professionally and on-time, you need a large selection of different products.

EWL-Verpackungen offers the manufacturing of corrugated cardboard packaging and displays.

Our modern machines also allow large-sized makings.

Corrugated cardboard

Corrugated cardboard can be manufactured in multifaceted ways. Different flute heights or multiple fluted corrugated cardboards react to the requirements, that are put on them and their purpose. 

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Due to the product variety, packaging has to comply with numerous formats and forms. EWL-Verpackungen manufactures packaging and boxes in the different formats and with various sealing technologies.

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The presentation of a packaging plays a large part in the purchase decision. Don’t leave anything to chance and only use high quality offset- or flexographic printings for a meaningful packaging.

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A sales display has one primary purpose: to present the product appealingly. EWL-Verpackungen develops for this purpose optimal designed displays, that put the product in perspective.

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