Corrugated Cardboard production

Primary-fiber paper:
The bond provides stability and strength. It is used for food products, cold storages and direct contact with food.

Secondary-fiber paper:
recycling paper, that is cheaper and environmentally friendly, but provides less stability and strength

Corrugated cardboard production at EWL-Verpackungen

You can choose between three flute heights and between a single or multiple fluted cardboard. This is to be determined depending on the flied of application.

The B-flute is suitable for packaging of resistant or self-supporting shipment pieces. For lighter pieces you can use single fluted packaging made of B-flutes. The surface is smoother, because of the smaller flute pitch and is easier to be printed on. It has a great role within the combination of different flute types for two- or three fluted cardboards.

E- and F-flute
The E-flute has opened new fields of application as an attractive sales packaging or display with high quality multicolor print. The same holds for the F-flute that has an even smoother surface 

Single- or multiple fluted corrugated cardboards?
Multiple fluted corrugated cardboards have the advantage of being more robust and offer in addition a buffer layer. Two flutes are combined for the purpose of using each quality at the same time. 

When combining cardboards to a multiple fluted one, the higher flute lays inside, because of its better upholstery quality. The smoother flute has a better protection against the mechanically strains and are better for printing, so it is chosen as the outer cover.