Corrugated cardboard production in the third generation

EWL-Verpackungen looks back onto 50 years of expert knowledge in the production of corrugated cardboard packaging.

The business was founded in 1968 by Eberhard and Waltraut Lorenz and is lead and constantly developed by Birgit and Jürgen Blaurock, the second generation. . 

The future is the third generation, that is also part of the family business and participates today in the sectors management, training and production. 

To deliver the usual standard of our products the business offers after constant growth and extension periods always the up to date know-how, technology and men-power..

EWL-Verpackungen is your expert in the production of special corrugated cardboard packaging.

We assist you with our wide range of service and products from the development up to the production in every way.