Corrugated cardboard production

Corrugated cardboard production at EWL-Verpackungen

Our corrugated cardboard consists of at least three layers of paper:

the carrier, the flute and the print sheet.

Depending on the requirements corrugated cardboard can be produced with different flute heights and divisions. 

  • C-flute
  • B-flute
  • E-flute
  • F-flute

In our corrugated board plant the flute will be produced and the corrugated cardboard will be manufactured. The paper is warmed up and humidified in order that two corrugated rolls can form it to the chosen flute.  

Adhesive will be instructed in the next processing step on top of the flute points and stuck together first with the inner cover between the corrugated and press roll, then with the outer cover.

The production of a double fluted corrugated cardboard is possible as well.